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De-constructing the Kifissos N.1 | Behind the scenes of Galateia

Alexander Schellow: Here it was triggerd by the acoustic quality of the space. In my studio, I was working with some sound-documents that I recorded during the process of walking at the south-part of the river. Some of the sounds of Galateia’s environment are very specific. First of all, the clap-clap of birds-wings, of course. But also the nearby heavy traffic-situation of the coastal-road, still at a certain distance. Plus in this particular case, there is also some water that flows out of a damaged pipe very nearby and the low-level-movement of the old ladies’ plastic tarps.

De-constructing the Kifissos N.1 | A Socio-political commentary on Galateia

As we are selecting points from the dialogues Alexander Schellow had, we find some interesting coincidences in the story of the woman named Galateia who lives by the Kifissos River. One of them refers to the myth surrounding her name. Galateia is said to be a daughter of Nireas and Doris, deities of the calm sea. Furthermore, it is said that she married Pygmalion, King of Cyprus.

Serious Rebel

  Recently I stubbled upon David Bauer’s manifesto «How to be a Successful Musician». Sometimes success just happens to you, there are always special circumstances, a special timing with special people around you that make the chemistry of success happen. If you are not into music but you want to read something inspirational to travel …