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Community Mapping: A tool for youth engagement around digital literacy

Summer 2012 in Athens, the first meeting of cultural organizations, informal groups and creatives around the topic of digital literacy and youth engagement took place. The discussion was hosted by SNF and Future Library, led by Hive NYC and its goal was to research how a Hive Pop-Up event could be structured in Athens, and if there …

People-focused solutions for the public

Creating a writeable society by “writing the web”, is the profound message coming from Mozilla Festival, one of the largest digital culture conferences! It is organized by the global non-profit dedicated to open web and its tools, as creating a generation of web-makers. Obviously, digital literacy is an important asset nowadays. Technology has changed our lives and behaviors in every aspect even offline, facilitating public spaces, measuring and improving our quality of life e.g. health services, energy consumption, education etc. and establishing new accessible ecosystems.