Patience: What love and writing needs…

10 years ago, I started blogging, which a loved, because I loved telling stories and writing them. I still do. The digital sphere made the beauties of analog more tangible, more understandable in an ever rushing world, where things, experiences, even feelings pass by, accompanying us, stay with us for just the duration of the essence of a moment sometimes. Too short to grasp them to their fullest and deepest. 

The truth is though, that paper is far more patient and loving than any digital screen, its smell, how it feels when you touch it, it literally becomes a part of what is written on it.

There are two book projects, I have in my head and heart, one is more based on my on-the-ground work, which I most probably pack in something more solid during my PhD-studies.

The other one is the “life lessons”, “wisdom” of a misfit.

This website will turn into a more personal than professional space, although I might be writing about my research at times maybe. Not that it is not personal already. Its name says it “Amateur Notes”. 🙂

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