On Being a Misfit


Back in 2008: Finally got the job as a PA to Managing Director/ Managing Editor at a known publishing house with the hope that I could kick-off my journalist career from there.

Well, the job did not really challenge me intellectually but challenged my whole world perspective and lifestyle. Humiliation was a daily routine, but I wanted to learn. I had to transform my casual style that way in order to make it fit into the formalities and practicalities, that bored me and did not express my independent and freedom mindset. My mentor kept telling me to be patient, not to give up and to start developing who I wanted to be professionally… And he was right!

It was a period in my life were I was learning, challenging, adapting. Unfortunately, it did not end smoothly. It was a bumpy journey that lasted a few years, and them got more easy to manage until 2013. I never became a journalist but still love writing. Actually, I never wanted to fit myself into a box but wanted to apply my skills and maybe this is the greatest professional challenge I have ever met in my life.

Being a misfit is not only a choice, it is a consciousness which you have to deal with. And it is ok. Doing things differently is ok, and doing them your way is ok, as long as you are ok with it. 😉

By the way, if you wanna read some of my tips on Practicing Presence -Conscious Living published in Holstee’s Mindfull Matter.

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