What can a box of sand do for you?

The word «sandbox», in German «Sandkasten», is something people associate with a box of sand or with children playing. Well, and those friends that you were playing with in the sand, whether it was on a playground in a city or on the beach, are those who know you not only for a very long time but are also quite close to you.

This is pretty much what Sandbox, a global community of young changemakers (under 30) from various backgrounds, is all about. It’s magic is its diversity and the feeling that you feel «home» with people no matter if they are next door, long-distances away, people you are spending time with, or never met.


Let me give you a taste of it:

It could be described as the postgraduate school I have never been to and the guidance when I needed friendly advise. Sandboxes connecting the dots I could not see, could not connect alone or reach out.

So, finally after a lot of email and skype calls about bringing Sandbox to Athens, the time has come, and the applications for Sandbox Athens outpost are open. What is a Sandbox outpost? Basically it is a smaller community hub building capacity for a larger hub.

So what is Sandbox about?

A constant 24/7 inspiration and motivation, a magical toolbox to tap in and to play with, but above all it is about relationships for life and creating access to possibilities and opportunities.

It feels like home, no matter the distance. 🙂

During the last years, those relationships have incubated me to do what I do better, and to get conscious about what idea sharing can do. Yes, a community can incubate people, it is up to you to give it a try…Lets start with this application, deadline is June 29.  🙂

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