Lift13: Speaker Notes

Untapping Resilience – Talk during Lift13

Strom attacking Athens

References and credits
Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes that see reality. ~ Nikos Kazantzakis
Information about Nikos Kazantzakis, famous for his novel “Zorba The Greek”

Facts in numbers
Report of European Commission 2012, kindly note that Youth Unemployment is 57%, the highest quote in the EU (1) , (2) and (3)

Personal details


New Year’s Rainbow over Athens

Steps outside the comfort zone

My work, building a social venture together with a team

Values from ancient times: Ethos- Pathos- Logos Triangle of Aristotle

Social space initiatives

  • Syntagma Indignados, movement saw tens of thousands mobilizing and organizing within just a few days to protest against austerity
  • Tutorpool, Volunteer Network for Education
  • Boroume , which fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece
  • Omikron Project, a grassroots initiative giving people outside Greece a different picture without the negative stereotypes presented by traditional media outlets that are adding to Greece’s problems.
  • Future Library, reviving public libraries nationwide


  • Metavallon, accelerating program for startups, taking them from idea to venture
  • Startup Live Athens, Athens connecting the local entrepreneurial community with the European one.
  • Endeavor

Solution-oriented/driven startups

  • Hellas Direct, changing the Greek insurance market, fundraising 8.5 million Euros. Its founders recently were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs
  • Symbiosis, cutting-edge technology, aiming to answer needs of patients and health professionals dealing with Alzheimer

My venture: Loft2work, social enterprise

Pictures from Kerameikos: KM Protypi Geitonia

Special «Thank You»
Iasonas Kantas and Mehran Khalili who contributed their photographs for my presentation.
Dora Giannopoulou for helping me with visualizing what I wanted to share.
Tonia Eliascou for her amazingly calming support to get my thoughts into words.

… and of course Manolis, Lefteris, Nasos, Irini, Ian, Sophia, Andreas, Tasos, Mareva, Petroula and Julian, and of course Sylvie and Hannes for being around. 🙂


P.S. Here is the talk… Just in case you are interested. 🙂

Noah Raford Foresight & Surprise

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