The untold stories of Greece at Lift Conference

Hi gals and guys,

The reason why I write to you, please forgive me for the mass email, is my research for my upcoming talk during Lift Conference, where I am invited to speak during a session on resilience. I am going to pitch Greece from a different angle, sharing experience about unlocking “Untapped cultural and social capital”, that is often being unveiled silently in times of intense pressure.

In case you want a proof, here is the link

This is not about me, but about us, your stories. We get 10 minutes on stage in early February together and I invite you to share your stories about things that happen. It is not about showing the current socioeconomic circumstances but the courage we see in people creating from scratch even within those circumstances.

I deeply believe that Greece has all the social and cultural capital to face the challenge and that I am responsible to help it unleash not only because of Greece and its heritage but because every micro or macrosociety is called from times to times to overcome difficulties and strengthen. I stay because I believe in ethos, pathos and logos and because I got reminders to practice those three values with every breath I take and everyone of my heartbeats.

So, yes, I do take feel responsible about what is happening, and I am far too young to give up.

You are more than welcome to drop me a line or/and phone call and talk with me about the examples that you believe are not only interesting stories but also not exposed. Warm Thank You for your precious time and patience.

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