Amateur note #24: STARTup Live Athens

At the moment, I am far too tired to write a proper recap of I’ve lived the last three days. Ok, it was not three days, it was a bit longer – Four months living epic moments of “Pitch and beach”. Seeing, listening and reading the so called Greek crisis, which is at least European one, if not a global one.
But the truth is, that if you fall down, you find the strength to stand up.

If you fail one hundred times, you try at least one hundred and one times.

Same goes to Greece and its people, that are not defined by political agendas but by culture.

Fact is that, I was very afraid to go up on stage of STARTup Live Athens and talk about how entrepreneurial action is a decision out of someone’s comfort zone.

I took a deep breath and had a look at the audience. So many faces, eyes shining. This was last Friday, 4th November. Yesterday, Sunday 6th November, I was again afraid. This time, I was even more tired and deeply touched by all the performances of all participants, mentors, partners and of course my team.

In the end, it was just about taking a step out of the comfort zone. 🙂

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