Amateur note #17: Entrepreneurial summer nights

It is late in the night, past midnight. The day started with a entrepreneurial student conference, Summer Jade Meeting 2011, followed by a short inspirational talk during a walk which I can remember, and an amount of emails, I cannot remember the exact number.

«You will never stop, won’t you, Kon?» said a friend seeing me working from my bed through the webcam. Lets be honest, no excuses, no bullshit: I love what I do. The cruel truth and secret is that if you enjoy what you are doing it does not feel like work at all, although it is.

«You know, they keep saying that I am crazy, mate,» I told him.

And he told me smiling: «The people who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world, are the ones who do, girl.»

New opportunities rarely fit the way an industry has always approached the marketed, defined it, or organized to serve it.*

*Peter Drucker, The Discipline of Innovation, Harvard Business Review November- December 1998

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