Amateur note #16: The chemistry thing

The most important part of a project is the team behind it. Team building is like a journey from falling in love and developing a strong and deep relationship that leads to marriage. That is what ideal business relations are like. That is what friendships also are like. In one hundred, only two might have this special chemistry with you and you have to search hard to find them, but when you met them, be sure to set up the scene to make it happen.

Some days ago, I met a person that is one of those diamonds, a flash, a «flash on the first sight». A positive attitude that moves you…Even if you might not had any intention to do so. Those people are called leaders and they are needed, not only in the entrepreneurial space. I see once again the importance of social skills.

As I told you, it is quite similar to falling in love and this is how it should be, if you enjoy what your are doing. Brainstorming, dropping ideas, setting frames, un-setting frames, developing concepts, make it real, connecting dots. Just saying.

Bringing to my memory that you are not defined by the stereotypes existing in your environment but by what you do and what decisions you take. So much discussion about leadership and collaboration, and the need of setting up an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and still it seems that some European countries have difficulties to figure out where the future should go to.

My question is why countries are afraid to enhance entrepreneurial culture from school in order to shape a future based on action and sustainability?


Post dedicated to a charismatic person who’s voice is the soundtrack of my summer 🙂


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