Amateur note #14: Cultural action

Some months ago, when I just started my research around creative- cultural – social entrepreneurship and projects in this space, I got introduced to Project Nero and the organization behind, Meld, «an ongoing interactive global art platform and collaborative catalyst to commission, produce and present ground-breaking and evocative art work, embedded in the issues and consequences of climate change.»

Project Nero starts from a focus on the «pollution of the Kifissos River in Athens and develops awareness around the problems surrounding water, combining art and several fields of science.»

But what I loved about the project and Meld is the fact that it is about creating
«a melding pot where ideas become reality and citizens can move and think forward». Nowadays, there is a need for such think-and-do tanks.

Needless to say, that in the middle of a socioeconomic crisis  Greece is living intensely during the last year, a project like Project Nero, would bring not only positive attention to the country, but even more important, positive energy and hope for a change to Athens’ citizens through cultural action.

The hard part of the deal was time management in my working daily routine, including volunteer work.  The path I have chosen, demands more time and patience, than I thought in the beginning. So, I had to give up things, one of them Project Nero. A hard decision I had to take for personal reasons, and definitely not an easy one.

Some time ago, I wrote on Meld’s blog that «Meld is about telling stories from different angles, re-shaping, re-structuring, re-considering, re-organizing and creating an impact through these actions of minds.»

I strongly believe that initiatives  like Meld can bring change and are important to happen, because they empower our social values and I wish that Athens and Greece will see this change soon.

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