Amateur Note #12: Be responsible

These days, I am writing a plan. Not a communication strategy for a client, not a communication plan for another startup, no social media pitch. It is the business plan for my own idea. Far more difficult if you do as you preach.

The whole process brings into my memory an intensive discussion on a project, I was working on some months ago. A small startup. You know, one of those jobs nobody believes you did or do, because you are not visible,simply do your job and get the work done. During this discussion, a little disagreement came up and I was told that it is not professional to take my work personally. Well, indeed whatever job it is, work is not only a job, it is part of yourself. Wrong, girl, so wrong! Who said you should care about your work? What unprofessional behavior.

The Action Method begins with a simple premise: everything is a project.

~Scott Belsky

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