Engaging common people like TEDx Buenos Aires

TED and TEDx are about «Ideas worth spreading». Ideas are not only to be shared to an elit, they should be shared with everyone, with all those remarkable common people around us. If we want to change the world we should start changing the fact that «Ideas worth spreading» are spread mostly in a elit community in order to create and unite a global community that is not only talking about ideas worth spreading but also changes through dialogue the world.

Innovation is not always something completely new, but it changes the way we think, it is a disruptive process. So why not starting by something small and make it grow?

May some other organizations who aim to be innovative e.g. some TEDx in Europe should start spreading ideas as they are worth to be spread and engage even common people. If this all talk about innovation is not about creating a new way how our societies and economies are organized, than what it is all about?

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