Amateur note #10: Dialogue on values

Younger generations under 40 do not know values, or do not even know what values are.

This is a little bit harsh statement I caught during a social obligation.

Values are transmitted from older generations to the young. Maybe something was missing. Maybe the values could not reach. Every generation has its own values. They might be different from the more experienced generations, but they are still values. There is a urgent need for dialogue between the different generations. The famous generation gap is not only a matter of our family lives but is part of the economical, social and of course the political status quo.

Dialogue is always about exchange, all participants have something to learn through it. I doubt either extreme is right. ~Thierry Blancpain

My statement is following:

We need a couple of young rebels and some wisdom to change the world and make it a better place.



Interesting read: Is innovation a matter of age?


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