Amateur Note #7: Zen Management

Flashes of thought striking my innocent weekend morning coffee, while my email inbox looks like a battle field. Yes, I am missing another thing in professional relations in Greece. Lucky me, I haven’t missed it in international environments.

Fact: You never stop learning, no matter how old you are, no matter what experience you have, no matter your social or economic status etc.

Scene: We are working on a project, which started without a setup strategy of workflow. We try to keep on working without starting from scratch again, which seems unavoidable at the moment. Keeping the balance is extremely difficult.

There is a completely “Don’t”, if you are working with me, although I am a extremely passionate person: Don’t rise your voice, without a real reason, while I am speaking with a calm tone and I am trying to explain a problem with possible solution in detail. Referring to my experience, is not the best move, especially if you do not know about it. Even worse, if you your knowledge about the issue is restricted, listen first.



One, you show disrespect for yourself.

Two, screaming will not bring right on your side.

Three you pass tension and aggression to the team, which has negative influence on collaboration and communication.

Four, and result, you harm the workflow of the project.


I believe, that knowledge is a shared value within a team. Applying in, practice, is connected to every specialized team member eg. not all of us are designers, developers, or project managers. Understanding a subject does not mean that we know it deeply. Dialogue is the tool for problem solving. The better the communication and concrete the division of work processes is, the better the results. Don’t blame others. Take responsibility, think. We use to call it crisis management and damage control.

Just small professional behavior and project management tips. Cheers.

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