Get it right! – Social media means being social

Interesting presentation on greater or smaller mistakes, depends on your perspective, in the use of social media for business or brand communication practices.
1. Strategy: Whatever you do, whatever tools you are going to use, you have to focus on a clear goal – an outcome. if you want to call it so. And this is not money in first place, whether you like it or not. It is communication. Strategy means also having clear and real expectations.
2. Understand: If you do not understand what communication is all about, leave it. Take your time and think about it. Yes, I know, technology is running and you are running out of time, but businesses need time and strategy in order to grow.
3. Customers: Yes, social media, are not only making that funny viral video for a Facebook Fan Page or a YouTube Channel. Actually it is about communication and YES your customers are your discussion partner. News for you: Your customers are there even without social media, but now you somehow come to hear their voice. Focus on a great customer experience.
4. Social does not mean viral: Just in case if you did not get that. It can be viral and yes, sometimes we see really nice social- viral stuff around (yes, open that “nice” link 🙂 )
5. Social media are not like traditional media. Difference, you cannot buy buzzing, you earn it. 
6. Creativity: Setting up some accounts does not mean strategy. Come on! You need an idea to fill those, don’ t you think so?
7. Social Media Guidelines: Guys, you need those in order to be clear inside and outside your business.
8. Crisis Management: We do answer. In order to do that we monitor. 
My decent two cents in comments. 🙂

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