Amateur note #4


In some days I will count 4 months of being a full-time freelancer getting my hands dirty with communication projects on and off the web. Most of my old colleges are not working anymore for the agency, where I started working  several months ago. Some of them turned to freelancing or just changed agency.

Now I am working with several agencies on several projects as an contractor. I have to admit that briefs are far more detailed and specific than working in-house was ever. Deadlines are formed far more realistic and more focused on delivering good work rather than fast one.

Maybe, it is because some do not know and do not pretend to know the nature of my work. Which is honest and appreciated. Those are relationships of understanding, of give and take, as they should be and as I prefer them because they are deeper and stronger IMHO.

No one-side-work. I am working on non-profit projects as on commercial projects. Some demand more content production, some less. Some pay equal attention to on- and offline, some still do not understand how this can happen.

Think alikes. Kinda interesting to meet people that share the same approach on web projects. It helps a lot our day to day communication and the whole workflow. Sometimes you think you would never meet them, but then day come your way and smile at you.

So, don’t give up!

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