Amateur note #3



In a few days I am celebrating nine years living in Athens. Nine years of experiences, dreams, hopes and loves. Starting as a teen, studying political sciences and history. Knowing that practice is more than theory, I started to work during the last two years of my studies as a trainee and got right into the work market after getting “that” piece of paper that announced my graduation.


Hating and loving the “restless” city of Athens day to day, more and more. So started writing about what is happening around me and taking photographs of it…more or less.


Difficulty number one: Being different. Thinking different even if you do not want to.


Difficulty number two: Accepting that your are different. Making it something positive.


Difficulty number three: Loving the place by trying to make it better, warmer, with a more human touch that is hidden in several corners, which you just have to find.


I changed workplaces quite often because I was searching for the right place to be. Actually the “right” place to be was being a freelancer working on communication projects on an off the web. Some call it PR, some digital commas, some social media, some web communications. Words are my friends and their positioning my method. I am also into writing a lot professionally. So some call me copywriter or editor.  I am nothing more than a word player and words are only one way to connect people and make them feel. The last thing is the reason why I like my job whatever you might call it.


 So, here I am, just another amateur.


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