Amateur note #1



During the last months there a several things I am thinking of. Just turned 27. For some the best age to do things and make dreams come true. For some others the last immature decade.


I am blessed that I am in love with what I do and that I finally found out what I want to do in my life. Never imagined that I will work with a larger communications agency. Ok, to be honest, I never imagined to be into this business anyway. It is a digital communication agency. That means my work connects online and offline.


One of my friends, of those old days when I was still a small fish into political science {now I am a small fish in general ;)}, keeps saying: “Hold on and have patience.” Not always easy, but he has more experience than I have. So, he has to know in a way more than I do, hasn’t he? And he is more than right, when he says this nice phrase to me. Sometimes he gets angry when I am too enthusiastic, sometimes he tries to keep me on the floor because I am flying to fast, I believe too much, too strong in things that might harm me.

{note to him: I know that you are right, and you know that I know but I do not want to show you all the times and you know that.}



My heart still beats for what I do. Maybe even more. So, I guess I am still an “amateur”, meaning the passion I carry for what I do. Yes, there is a lot of pressure at times and I find myself in an ambitious mood quite often. Ambitious meaning that I want to become better, to learn new things. Hard at times. But you deal with it. Sometimes you fail. This is the point when you are angry with yourself. You learn to face it, to elaborate on it. It is the stage in my life to build, to create, to do.


Seems like a very personal post. It is a period in my life with a lot of change going on. Strange feelings. Most of them positive, some about fear, less negative maybe skeptical.




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