Don’t tell me, show me

Creative Writing, fiction or non- fiction, is passion. Being read is satisfaction. You are amazed when you provoke thoughts, memories, feelings. A good writer does that. It is not about naming or telling things, it is about showing them, make them touchable, feel them, experience them. In high school, my language teachers keep saying: ” A good story, makes you live it.”

I always wanted to be a writer. What I did not know was that I already was one. “Writing is easy”, says a friend of mine,” You just cut one of your veins and let the blood run.”

Picture by Markus Rödder

Meaning that you have to make a journey inside yourself, feel what you want your reader to feel. It is sometimes like a journey to hell, sometimes to paradise, but you know you have to come back without any harm.

It does not matter if it is a personal story or journalistic piece. You have to pass the right information the right moment and if there is no right moment, you have to create it to pass the information to the reader. Can you do that without faking, without lying, being honest?  Then you are a writer.

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