If work is not personal, then tell me what it is?

Looking back to the days, when I was still at university. Somewhat three years ago, I graduated, so it is not that far away, but it seems to be decades. The CVs I send, were a mess. Really. They were crap. Not a little crap, real crap. Nothing of me was there, except this study- related stuff. My degree was a nice and neat title but nothing more and nothing less. I did not even write cover letters. No personality at all. Got a number of interviews and jobs afterwards this way.

Time passed. For jobs, I was interested in, I wrote a-somehow cover letter (not that a lot of companies in Athens care about that, but ok, I wanted to show my interest). Then, I got more involved with business stuff, managing stuff ( you know that I-know-it-better-cause-I-am-a-manager-stuff, nothing interesting at all if you do not look at the essence of things). Somehow I got into the feeling of the digital age. Yes, this is an important fact. This was a breakthrough in the way I thought about “working”.

Picture by hellabella

Work is something personal; Whether you like it or not, one third of your life is working (maybe more, maybe less). Why doing a job you do not like? Economic crisis. Forget about that, it will pass by as every other crisis did before. Why applying for a job you are not interested in? Human needs. Yes, I feel it. Actually I cannot do it anymore on long-scale. Which does not mean that I prefer sitting and waiting for the dream job, if I do not have one. I won’t.

Rarely, I need to send CVs now. Possible collaborators (no there is nothing like a boss for me anymore), possible teams can check my CVs and my work online. And yes, I am personal online ( it does not make any difference from offline to me). This is how I am engaging myself to my work. Actually, this is the amazing thing.

Loving actually what you do, and falling in love with it at times, should be the status quo. Jobs you dislike should be rare. Especially now.

I fell in love with working with the web is because you can do so much more, you can share so much more, you can give so much more than ever before in history. You can free your creative thoughts more easily. It is hard at times, because you give a part of yourself. but is amazing when positive energy comes back to you.

There are days, when I simply fall again in love with what I do. Today is one of these days. 🙂

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