Facebook is personal

When I first started using Facebook, I never thought that there would come a day when I would have to draw a clear line between who I call a friend, a contact, a coworker etc. Facebook is a personal place for me, in a way private.

Which means, I want to have the possibility to upload moments of my private life and share them with my friends who might not be in the same city or country, or whom I do not see that often.

Do not feel offended if I deleted you from my contact list from Facebook. We might have met in person, we might have chatted online or offline, you might have my phone number or my email because we have probably worked or shared some interest in a project together but that is it.

Nothing more or nothing less. There are other online and offline places we can meet and talk. You can find me as a professional on LinkedIn, for some discussion on Friendfeed.

Hope this is alright with you!

Nice to meet you anyway, anyplace, anyhow 🙂


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