I was born and grew up in Vienna. Currently I live in Athens and work between Athens, Brussels and Vienna.  My educational background is Political Science & History (focus comparative analysis), postgraduate Southeast European Studies,  Τhesis on “Social Entrepreneurship in Southeastern Europe- Comparative Analysis of the cases of Croatia, Serbia and Greece” at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Currently, I am working as an independent adviser, researcher and programme coordinator for various projects of the public and private sector,  and especially civil society, citizen-driven initiatives and social entrepreneurship.

Since 2008, I cofounded and participated in social movements and social enterprises. 180º (180 Moires), a collective I founded in 2013, is  Social Innovation Lab and Think Tank driving collaborative new forms of socioeconomic development (social & financial integration, community development), is one example. It transitioned and out of that process,  my new umbrella organisation pi’n phi, empowering a society of radical inclusivenesswas created in 2017, combining the practice of years on the ground with research and policy for the common good and social progress.

In June 2015, I was appointed “private expert” of GECES – Expert Group Social Entrepreneurship, which the European Commission consults on relevant issues. Besides the prior mentioned, I work as an independent adviser and researcher for various institutions of the public and private sector and contribute to citizen-driven initiatives.

I am an alumna of the WEF Global Shapers, Falling Walls Lab 2014 and St.Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow/TOM- Lab (Tomorrow-Laboratory) 2015 and a Fellow of The Balkan Forum on Regional Cooperation.

Writing:  “Amateur Notes”, Microblog Happ3n, personal blog in Greek “Resident of the Ivory Tower”/Katoikos Gyalinou Pyrgou)

My digital ID is ThirdEye, drop me a line at konstantina [at] thirdeye.gr or @ThirdEye3 on Twitter.



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